Unforgotten Valor: Hubert Lindsey & Preston Hooper’s Fight in Normandy

This episode discusses the invasion at Normandy as well as two TCU alumni who fought and lost their lives during World War II.

Hubert W. Lindsey tomb stone
Normandy American Cemetery


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Sidney Lopez-Williams

Sidney Lopez-Williams

Sidney Lopez-Williams is a junior from San Antonio, Texas majoring in Communications.

Armando Saldana

Armando Saldana

Armando Saldana is a Marine Corps veteran majoring in Computer Information Technology.

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Meet our Guest

Dr. John C. McManus is an award-winning author, military historian, and professor of military history at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Dr. McManus is a St. Louis, Missouri native and attended the University of Missouri where he earned a bachelor’s degree in sports journalism, then an M.A. in American History. He earned a Ph.D. in American History and Military History at the University of Tennessee. He is also a host for two podcasts named Someone Talked! and We Have Ways of Making You Talk in the USA. Dr. McManus is currently working on a project which is a major three volume history of the U.S. Army in the Pacific/Asia theater during World War II.