Crossing Paths: TCU and Jarvis College Student Exchange

In 1968, Jarvis Christian College, a historically Black college, and Texas Christian University initiated a groundbreaking student exchange program aimed at fostering racial integration and understanding. 

The Skiff
The Skiff, October 25, 1968
Ford Johnson

Ford Johnson

Ford Johnson is a junior majoring in strategy communications, with a minor of business. He enjoys voice acting and learning about Texas History and U.S. History

Ralston Miller

Ralston Miller

Ralston Miller is from Weatherford, Texas and is currently deep diving into a history focused degree. But, his academic journey isn’t just about the past; it’s also fueled by his fascination with sports history, where he explores the rich tapestry of how sports have shaped cultures and societies over time. 


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Meet our Expert

Cecilia N. Sanchez Hill, who is a PhD candidate here in the History department and is writing her dissertation on Texas education and Mexicano populations showcasing her profound commitment to illuminating their historical narrative. She has been involved in CRES here at TCU from its beginnings.