Season 1

Horned Frogs in US History, 1941 to 1975

This season places the life and times of Horned Frogs into

World War II, the early Cold War, and the American War in Vietnam.

Charles Cox and Kara Dixon Vuic


Welcome to History Frogcast, where we put the life and times of Horned Frogs into their rightful place in world history.

Anna Claire Taylor and Sam Taylor

How U.S. Military Chaplains Helped the Allies Win the Second World War

This episode explores the impact chaplains had in the United States
military throughout World War Two.

Sidney Lopez-Williams and Armando Saldana

Unforgotten Valor: Hubert Lindsey & Preston Hooper’s Fight in Normandy

This episode discusses the invasion at Normandy as well as two TCU alumni who fought and lost their lives during World War II.

Chloe Mantle and Diego Velasquez

Battling for Equality: Women in Uniform

Explore the evolution of the roles of women in the military since WWII and the unique challenges they had to overcome to go from WAAC to warriors, with a detailed lens at how TCU has helped women succeed in the military sphere.

Walter Flanagin and Brian Kim

The Atomic Bomb Changed Everything. Or did it?

Follow the story of the Manhattan Project through the eyes of Harrison Miller Moseley (TCU ‘43) as hosts Brian and Walter discuss the broader moral, social, and political consequences of the development of a nuclear weapon.

Keith Glover and Griffin Miller

From Combat to the Classroom: How the G.I. Bill Changed America

After WWII, millions of American veterans returned home and pursued higher
education. This was only possible because of the monumental legislation known as the GI Bill. So many Veterans enrolled at TCU, the university was forced to add barracks to the campus for Veteran housing.

Teresa Fuentes and Marilyn Wiener

From the Front Lawn to the Front Lines

This episode of Frogcast analyzes the role of the government in militarizing the America public during the Cold War and expanding the nuclear conscious, begging the question: Who are we in wartime?  

Ford Johnson and Ralston Miller

Crossing Paths: TCU and Jarvis College Student Exchange

In 1968, Jarvis Christian College, a historically Black college, and Texas Christian University initiated a groundbreaking student exchange program aimed at fostering racial integration and understanding. 

Gavin McGuffin

From Frogs to Fatigues: The Vietnam War Lottery Draft and Two Fortunate Frogs

Join host Gavin McGuffin for a discussion of conscription policy in post-war America, the origins of the 1969 lottery draft, and how the draft affected college campuses during the Vietnam War.

Hunter Jenkins and Sana Khoury

Aftermath of War: Navigating the Vietnamese Refugee Crisis

In this episode, we learn about the refugee crisis that came after the end of the Vietnam War by exploring numerous perspectives and modern-day implications.