The Atomic Bomb Changed Everything. Or Did It?

Pictures of Miller Moseley and James M. Moudy
1943 Horned Frog

Follow the story of the Manhattan Project through the eyes of Harrison Miller Moseley (TCU ‘43) as hosts Brian and Walter discuss the broader moral, social, and political consequences of the development of a nuclear weapon.


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Meet our Expert

Dr. Robert Citino is the Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian at the National World War II Museum and a leading expert in World War II military history. Dr. Citino received his doctoral degree in History from Indiana University in 1984 and has held academic positions at the University of North Texas, the United States Military Academy, and the United States Army War College. Dr. Citino’s books have received numerous awards such as the Paul M. Birdsall Prize for Best Book in Strategic Studies in 2004 and the Distinguished Book Award for the Society for Military History in 2005.

Walter Flanagin

Walter Flanagin

Walter Flanagin is a senior history major at TCU from Conway, Arkansas who hopes to one day attend law school and become an attorney.

Brian Kim

Brian Kim